If you've ever wondered whether you can grow your own pear tree, the answer is absolutely yes! Today you'll learn how to grow a pear tree from seeds, how to care for it, and how to get the most delicious pears out of your tree! After your pear seeds have sprouted, you'll be able to transplant into containers, and once your plant becomes strong enough, you can transplant it right into your garden.

How to Grow a Pear Tree From Seeds Tutorial

Sowing the Pear Seeds:

  • Start by collecting a pear, a plastic cup, four toothpicks, a knife, and some good quality potting soil.
  • Pour some water into the plastic cup and set it on your counter.
  • Remove the seeds from the pear. There should be about 8 seeds.
  • Dry 4 of the seeds out on a plate for a couple of days, preferably in a warm spot. Then, transfer the dried seeds into a plastic bag and store in the fridge. These seeds can be stored for a few years in the fridge in case you decide to plant more pear trees in the future!
  • Place the other 4 seeds into the cup of water and place cup in the fridge for about 4-5 days.
  • After 4 or 5 days, removing the cup with the seeds from the fridge. Any seeds that are floating are no good, so toss those out.
  • Drain the water and fill the cup with all purpose potting soil.

Planting the Pear seeds

  • Place a seed in each corner of the cup.
  • Place a toothpick next to each seed to mark its spot.
  • Water well and wait 2-3 weeks for seedlings to appear.

Caring for Your Pear Tree:

  • Once your seedlings have four or more true leaves, transplant them to a regular sized pot.
  • Once the seedlings have outgrown their pot, transplant the tree outdoors, provided that the weather is warm (you can start in early spring as soon as the last frost is over).
  • You can also transplant the seedlings to a bigger pot and simply move the pot outdoors and indoors according to the weather.
  • Make sure you place your tree in a sunny spot, and where there aren't many trees or other plants around.
  • Water your pear tree regularly.

Harvesting Pears:

  • Within 5-8 years, your pear tree should be mature and be yielding delicious pear fruits.
  • After this point, your pear tree will regale you with fruits every year.
  • Pick the pears once they are big enough, and they will ripen off the tree.

Happy Planting!

How to Grow a Pear Tree From Seeds

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