Beets, regarded as a super food, are a great vegetable to grow in your garden, especially if you live in a cooler climate. Packed with vitamins and minerals, beets make amazing additions to salads, juices, and are the perfect pickling vegetable. Today we'll show you how to grow beets in your garden! Learn how to plant, grow, and harvest beets in a pinch!

How to Grow Beets


  • Plant beets in deep, well drained soil.
  • Stay away from clay soil which is too heavy for the roots.
  • Avoid planting in hard soil as hard soil can cause the beet roots to harden.


  • Beets can be grown all winter long in most southern states.
  • In northern areas, beets shouldn't be planted until the soil temperature is at least 40F.
  • Beets do poorly in hot climates, therefore it's best to plant in either spring or fall.

Planting Beets:

  • Plant beet seeds 1-2 inches apart.
  • Cover seeds with loose soil and sprinkle with water.
  • Seedlings should sprout within 7-14 days.
  • To get a continuous supply of beets, plant several plants about three weeks apart from one another.
  • Plant beets in an area that isn't crowded with other root plant such as trees.
  • You'll want the roots to reach a depth of at least 3-6 inches.
  • Beets can be planted in partial shade.

Harvesting Beets:

  • You can harvest beets about 7-8 weeks after planting.
  • Once beets have reached desired size, gently dig them up.

Happy Planting!

How to Grow Beets

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